Harsh environments: Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Industrial Facilities!

IDIGO, The Go To brand for Industrial Marking: pipe markers, tags, safety signs and labels that can withstand extreme conditions.

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Marine & Offshore

Whether it’s a jack-up rig, a F.P.S.O. or a F.L.N.G, these offshore and marine installations typically have kilometers of pipes and hundreds of valves carrying dozens of different fluids!

Correctly labeling these are critical and, when correctly defined and installed, these identification tags and pipe markers increase safety, facilitate maintenance, minimize downtime and accelerate commissioning while simplifying regulatory compliance.

IDIGO pipe marking tapes are fully compliant with ISO 14726:2008 and are available for full wrap-up of pipe up to 24” diameter. If your project need other standard compliance, we also support ANSI / ASME A13.1 (see Oil & Gas application), NBR6493, NORSOK Z-DP-002 and more, consult us directly for such projects.

While valve tags are not as standardized as pipe markers, IDIGO valve tags come with similar designs for consistency and are available in engraved durable plastic or stainless steel for maximum durability.

In addition, such installations require emergency and evacuation signs as defined by SOLAS convention

IDIGO pipe marking tapes ISO 14726:2008 color coding

Waste media BK (main color)
Black water BK - BU - BK
Waste oil/used oil BK - BU - BK
Bilge water BK - BU - BK
Exhaust gas BK - BU - BK
BK - BU - BK
BK - BU - BK
BK - BU - BK
BK - BU - BK
BK - BU - BK
Grey water BK - BU - BK
Sewage, contaminated BK - BU - BK
Waste media
Black water
Waste oil/used oil
Bilge water
Exhaust gas
Grey water
Fresh water BU (main color)
BU - BK - BU
Fresh water, sanitary BU - BN - BU
Potable water BU - GN - BU
Distillate BU - GY - BU
BU - MN - BU
Gas-turbine wash water BU - OG - BU
Feed water BU - SR - BU
BU - RD - BU
Cooling fresh water BU - VT - BU
Chilled water BU - WH - BU
Condesate BU - YE - BU
Fresh Water
Potable water
Gas-turbine water
Feed water
Cooling fresh water
Chilled water
Fuel BN (main color)
Heavy fuel oil (HFO) BN - BK - BN
Aviation fuel BN - BU - BN
BN - GN - BN
BN - GN - BN
BN - MN - BN
BN - OG - BN
BN - SR - BN
BN - RD - BN
Biological fuel BN - VT - BN
Gas-turbine fuel BN - WH - BN
Marine diesel oil (MDO) BN - YE - BN
Heavy fuel oil
Aviation fuel
Biological fuel
Gas-turbine fuel
Marine diesel oil
Sea water GN (main color)
GN - BK - GN
Decontamination water GN - BU - GN
Sea water, sanitary GN - BN - GN
GN - GY - GN
GN - MN - GN
GN - OG - GN
GN - SR - GN
GN - RD - GN
Ballast water GN - VT - GN
GN - WH - GN
Cooling sea water GN - YE - GN
Sea Water
Decontamination water
Sea water
Ballast water
Cooling sea water
Non-flammable gases GY (main color)
GY - BK - GY
Oxygen GY - BU - GY
Inert gas GY - BN - GY
Nitrogen GY - GN - GY
Refrigerant GY - MN - GY
Compressed air LP (Low pressure) GY - OG - GY
GY - SR - GY
Compressed air HP (High pressure) GY - RD - GY
Control air/regulating air GY - VT - GY
Breathing air a GY - WH - GY
Breathing gas a GY - YE - GY
a This marking is used in submarines for distribution systems of breathing air from cylinders
Non-flammable gases
Inert gas
Compressed air LP
Compressed air HP
Control air
Breathing air
Breathing gas
Air and sounding pipes MN (main color)
Waste media MN - BK - MN
Fresh water MN - BU - MN
Fuel MN - BN - MN
Sea water MN - GN - MN
Non-flammable gases MN - GY - MN
Oil other than fuels MN - OG - MN
Steam MN - SR - MN
Fire fighting MN - RD - MN
Acids, alkalis MN - VT - MN
Ventilation system MN - WH - MN
Flammable gases MN - YE - MN
Air and sounding pipes
Waste media
Fresh water
Sea water
Fire fighting
Acids, alkalis
Oils other than fuels OG (main color)
OG - BK - OG
Thermal fluid OG - BU - OG
OG - BN - OG
Lubrication oil for gas turbines OG - GN - OG
Hydraulic fluid OG - GY - OG
OG - MN - OG
Lubrication oil for steam turbines OG - SR - OG
OG - RD - OG
Lubrication oil for gears OG - VT - OG
OG - WH - OG
Lubrication oil for internal combustion engines OG - YE - OG
Oils others than fuels
Thermal fluid
Lube oil gas turbines
Hydraulic fluid
Lube oil steam turbines
Lube oil gears
Lube oil engines
Steam SR(main color)
Steam for heating purposes SR - BK - SR
SR - BU - SR
SR - BN - SR
Driving steam SR - GN - SR
SR - GY - SR
SR - MN - SR
SR - OG - SR
SR - RD - SR
SR - VT - SR
Exhaust steam SR - WH - SR
Supply steam SR - YE - SR
Steam for Heating
Driving steam
Exhaust steam
Supply steam
Fire fighting/fire protection RD (main color)
RD - BK - RD
RD - BU - RD
RD - BN - RD
Fire-fighting water RD - GN - RD
Fire-fighting gas RD - GY - RD
RD - MN - RD
Sprinkler water RD - OG - RD
RD - SR - RD
Spray water RD - VT - RD
Fire-fighting powder RD - WH - RD
Fire-fighting foam RD - YE - RD
Fire Fighting
Fire-fighting water
Fire-fighting gas
Sprinkler water
Spray water
Fire-fighting powder
Fire-fighting foam
Acids_Alkalis VT (main color)
VT - BK - VT
VT - BU - VT
VT - BN - VT
VT - GN - VT
VT - GY - VT
VT - MN - VT
VT - OG - VT
VT - SR - VT
VT - RD - VT
VT - WH - VT
VT - YE - VT
Air in ventilation systems WH (main color)
Discharge air WH - BK - WH
Mechanical supply air, cold WH - BU - WH
Natural exhaust air WH - BN - WH
Atmospheric air WH - GN - WH
Mechanical exhaust air WH - GY - WH
Decontaminated supply air WH - MN - WH
Mechanical recirculated air WH - OG - WH
Mechanical supply air, warm WH - SR - WH
Smoke clearance WH - RD - WH
Conditioned supply air WH - VT - WH
Natural supply air WH - YE - WH
Air in ventilation systems
Discharge air
Supply air, cold
Exhaust air
Atmospheric air
Exhaust air
Decontaminated air
Recirculated air
Supply air, warm
Smoke clearance
Conditioned air
Natural supply air
Flammable gases YE (main color)
YE - BK - YE
Hydrogen YE - BU - YE
YE - BN - YE
YE - GN - YE
Acetylene YE - GY - YE
YE - MN - YE
YE - OG - YE
YE - SR - YE
YE - RD - YE
Liquid gas YE - VT - YE
YE - WH - YE
Waste media
Liquid gas

Oil & Gas

ASME 13.1 Introduction to ASME 13.1
Originally an American standard, later adopted in many countries either as-is or with minor variations as ANSI standard, ASME 13.1 defines in very practical ways how pipes should be marked: legend and marker sizes, suggested font, color coding, and guidelines on where to install such markers.

IDIGO pipe marking tapes are fully compliant with ANSI / ASME 13.1 pipe labeling standards and are available for full wrap-up of pipe up to 24” diameter. If your project need other standard compliance, consult us directly.

While valve tags are not formally standardized, it is customary to follow the same coloring scheme with indication of “Normally Close/Normally Open”
IDIGO valve tags are available in engraved durable plastic or stainless steel for maximum durability.

In addition, such installations require safety and emergency signs, accident prevention tags and labels

ASME 13.1 Primary Colours

Color Sample Fluid
Red LABEL Fire quenching
Orange LABEL Toxic & Corrosive
Yellow LABEL Flammable
Brown LABEL Combustible
Green LABEL Water
Blue LABEL Compressed Air
Violet LABEL User Defined
White LABEL User Defined
Grey LABEL User Defined
Black LABEL User Defined

ASME 13.1 / ANSI Pipe labeling Sizes

Pipe OD (NPS)
(Outside Diameter, including insulation)
Marker Width
Letter Height
¾" to 1¼" (19mm to 32mm) 8"(200mm) ½" (13mm)
1½" to 2" (38mm to 51mm) 8" (200mm) ¾" (19mm)
2½" to 6" (64mm to 150mm) 12" (300mm) 1 ¼" (32mm)
8" to 10" (200mm to 250mm) 24" (600mm) 2 ½" (64mm)
Over 10" (over 250mm) 32" (800mm) 3 ½" (89mm)

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

GHS Rev 5 Specifications
Most countries* have adopted GHS Rev 5 as part of their standard framework for labelling of storage and transport of chemical and hazardous substances, , with a new Rev. 6 published in 2015.

GHS Rev 5 is the basis of Singapore SS586, part 1-3: 2008. The implementation of this standard is now completed, with the mandatory marking of all hazardous substances, including mixtures effective as of July 1st 2016.
GHS not only cover labelling of storage tanks, bottles etc, but also transport of these.

More specifically for piping labeling, rule “Workplace labelling” explicitly states that GHS labels should be applied to “piping systems including valves” and that such installations should ensure clear hazard communication through the “use of displays with GHS symbols, colour and signal words in piping systems and processing equipments”.

GHS Labels & Pipe markers

GHS labels and pipe markers design specifications are based on a combination of pictograms, colours, signal words and rules on how to apply and combine these. With the advent of mixtures, each situation and its related set of markers has become very specific and close to unique. IDIGO label generator software allow us to quickly generate your GHS specific labels. Combined with IDIGO On-Demand manufacturing, we can deliver in record time hundreds of different GHS compliant pipe markers and labels to fulfill your requirements.

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Industrial Facilities

Risks at these facilities can be drastically reduced with a systemic approach that include high-visibility labelling of risks, indication of safe and dangerous areas, evacuation paths etc..

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Facilities Management

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Mining & smelter installation

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