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Idigo - For your industrial Identification needs Extensive range of dedicated Products

We offer superior high quality labeling products for our customers facilities in South-East Asia region.

Our Wide Range of Pipe markers, Safety Signs, Equipments & Accident Prevention Tags and Labels come at a very competitive price and the shortest lead-time in the industry.

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Installed Pipe Marker

IDIGO Pipe Markers

Pipe Marking Role & Benefits Quick Content Identification

Adequate pipe marking allow quick identification of pipes content and valves function using relevant color code and legends.

Correctly defined and installed, pipe marking tapes and valve tags increase safety, facilitate maintenance and minimize downtime while simplifying commissioning and ensuring regulatory compliance.

IDIGO Pipe Markers Characteristics

All our pipe marking tapes are overlaminated to protect their colors and legends.

Fully adhesive or self-securing, compliant with ASME / ANSI / ISO standards and customized to your requirements, they are available as wrap-around, half-wrap, single labels or plates for pipes of any diameter.

Peekee™ – Pipe Marking Digital Twin

Peekee Mascot (head only, looking left)

IDIGO presents PEEKEE™, the Pipe Marking Digital Twin, allowing collaborators clarity and transparency from the start to the end of the project.

PEEKEE™, our unique proprietary software, allows to directly indicate and visualize pipe markers into your 3D model.

With PEEKEE™, we are able to provide your project with a 3D model marking service to accurately mark the required amount of markers, their location and content, to prevent any form of wastage or top-up to be done in future.

From pre-construction to installation, from where to install to what is installed, PEEKEE™ presents all this information at the start of the project reducing last-minute orders and manpower costs.

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IDIGO Pipe Markers, Series Specifications

How to choose the correct Pipe Markers Serie?

Flow chart of Pipe Marker Part Number Selection Process

Pipe Markers Series

We offer our pipe labels in the following materials to match your requirements:

Vinyl Adhesive

Self-adhesive wrap-around vinyl pipe marking stickers.

Recommended for indoor applications, certified low-flammability.

Matt finish for reduced glare.

  • Self-estinguishing
  • Solvent inks printed graphics on specially coated 80 microns white PVC substrate for consistent and long lasting colours
  • Over laminated with 100 microns thick clear PVC coated film for protection against chemical exposure, abrasion, UV and outdoor conditions.

5 years outdoor expected life.

Polyester, Versatile

Over laminated polyester-based pipe markers for marine, offshore and petrochemical plants environments that requires low halogen markers

UL 969 approved, versatile mounting as overlap or full adhesive on a wide range of pipe diameters, soft pre-coil for easier installation.

Recommended when higher temperature range (-50°C to +150°C) is required or when use of vinyl material is prohibited:

  • Excellent resistance to chemical and UV exposure
  • Extended service temperature range -50°C to +120°C, up to 150°C intermittent exposure tolerance

8 years outdoor expected life..

Precoiled Polyester/PVDF

Pre-coiled wrap-around PVDF overlaminated polyester-based pipe markers for petrochemical plants harsh environments.

Recommended when ultra long life and maximal chemical resistance is required:

  • Ultra-long life with polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) protective film
  • Semi-rigid pre-coiled for ease of installation
  • Excellent resistance to chemical and UV exposure,
  • Extended service temperature range -50°C to +120°C, up to 150°C intermittent exposure tolerance
  • Polyester material using at least 25% of resin made from recycled PET-bottles

10 years outdoor expected life.

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Idigo Pipe Markers, Supported Industry Standards

Supported Standards

Our pipe marking tapes are designed to comply with the rules, practices and regulations of the various industries they are used in:

Customized Compliant Designs

Custom Compliant Design Generator

While regulated by standards, most of the projects require that chosen pipe marking stickers include specific legends, P&ID line number, etc. in one or more languages, not to mention specific encoding e.g. QR-Code for source and destination, maximum pressure and temperature etc.

Based on your requirements, we will apply our knowledge of the different, often ambiguous and conflicting international standards, to propose pipe marking tapes dimensions, legends and designs that fit your needs.

Our proprietary pipe labels generator software ensure efficient creation of pipe stickers artwork matching requested requirements for your review: with or without directional arrows, uni-directional or bidirectional, mono or bilingual texts while complying with the standard of your choice, including color coding and sizing.

Our On-Demand manufacturing process, with optional color proofing/matching, ensures short deadline even for small quantity and custom designs.

Custom Compliant Design Generator

Idigo Safety Signs

Safety Signs Role & Benefits Create & Maintain a Safe Environment

Available as rigid signs, self-adhesive outdoor stickers and indoor labels they are perfect to indicate dangerous and/or restricted area, entry conditions, machinery risks, etc.

We also provide photoluminescent evacuation signs and low location lighting routes & reflective signs for traffic/private roads use.

Design can be chosen from our extended range of signs or customized according to customer provided artwork, either in vector form or as high-resolution pictures.

Idigo Safety Signs, Series Specifications

Safety Signs Materials

We offer a wide range of materials combination to fit each specific situation and requirements:

Safety Signs Series

Semi-Rigid Signs

Self-mounting signs for industrial environments.

  • High impact resistance & hardness
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Easy installation thanks to adhesive backing
ID-S735 Datasheet

Photo-luminescent Reverse-laminated Signs

Self-mounting "glow in the dark" signs for marine, offshore and petrochemical plants harsh environment.

  • IMO Compliant, Marine Grade
  • Excellent resistance to chemical exposure

Luminance characteristics:
>210mcd/m2 measured 10 minutes, >30mcd/m2 measured 60 minutes.

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Low Location Lighting

Low Location Lighting Concept, light off Low Location Lighting Concept, light on

Also called Safety Way Guidance System in land-based premises, An LLL (Low Location Lighting) system generally consists of photoluminescent strips applied to walls, directional arrows and safety equipment location signs.

Low Location Lighting, Specifications

Complement perfectly our IMO compliant photo-luminescent safety signs:

  • Self-adhesive photoluminescent
  • Allow evacuation routes to stay illuminated
  • Meant to be placed at low location
Identification Labels

Identification Labels A Label for each Equipment

Assets & Valves Tagging, Valve Tags, Accident Prevention

Complement to our pipe markers, IDIGO tags allow quick identification of the valve, hazard or equipment.

Tags/Labels Design

Our tags & can be customized to include specific information such as tag ID/no, “Normally Open / Normally Close”., QR-Code etc.

IDIGO Tags, Series Specifications

Equipment Valve Tags

Reverse Laminated Tags for Industrial Environments.

Reverse Laminated Tags

Reverse printed graphics on 60 microns PVC film below 2mm thick clear solid plexiglass.

ID-T232R Datasheet
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