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IDIGO, The Go To brand for Industrial Marking: Pipe markers, tags, safety signs and labels for each and every need.

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We offer superior service and high quality labeling products for our customers facilities in South-East Asia region.

Our Wide Range of Pipe markers, Equipments & Accident Prevention Tags, Safety Signs & Labels come at a very competitive price and the shortest lead-time in the industry.

IDIGO Pipe Markers



Pipe Marking Role & Benefits

Adequate pipe marking allow quick identification of pipes content and valves function using relevant color code and legends.
Correctly defined and installed, pipe marking tapes and valve tags increase safety, facilitate maintenance and minimize downtime while simplifying commissioning and ensuring regulatory compliance.

IDIGO Pipe Markers Characteristics

All our pipe marking tapes are overlaminated to protect their colors and legends.
Fully adhesive or self-securing, compliant with ASME / ANSI / ISO standards and customized to your requirements, they are available as wrap-around, half-wrap or single stickers for pipes up to 24" diameter.

IDIGO Pipe Markers Series Specifications

We offer our pipe labels in the following materials to match your requirements:

ID-P300 Pipe Markers

Self-extinguishing economical vinyl marking stickers

Recommended for indoor application.
Certified low-flammability.

Matt finish for reduced glare.

ID-P350 Pipe Markers

Extended temperature range vinyl marking stickers

Recommended with long outdoor durability and ease of installation on flat and single curved surfaces.

Recommended for harsh environment with strong direct sunlight and chemical exposure, provide 4 years outdoor expected life.

ID-P550 Pipe Markers

High-grade low halogen self-securing polyester marking tape

UL 969 approved, versatile mounting as overlap or full adhesive on a wide range of pipe diameters.

Recommended when higher temperature range (-50°C to +150°C) is required or when use of vinyl material is prohibited.
6 years outdoor expected life..

IDIGO Pipe Markers: Supported Industry Standards

Our pipe marking tapes are designed to comply with the rules, practices and regulations of the various industries they are used in:

- For Marine & Offshore: ASME 13.1-2007, ISO 14726:2008, NBR 6493 [Brazil]
- For Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants, GHS Rev 5, SS586
- For Construction Sites and Facilities Management: ISO 3864, SS 508

Custom & Compliant Design

While regulated by standards, most of the projects require that chosen pipe marking stickers include specific legends, P&ID line number, etc. in one or more languages, not to mention specific encoding e.g. QR-Code for source and destination, maximum pressure and temperature etc.

Based on your requirements, we will apply our knowledge of the different, often ambiguous and conflicting international standards, to propose pipe marking tapes dimensions, legends and designs that fit your needs.

Our proprietary pipe labels generator software ensure efficient creation of pipe stickers artwork matching requested requirements for your review: with or without directional arrows, uni-directional or bidirectional, mono or bilingual texts while complying with the standard of your choice, including color coding and sizing.

Our On-Demand manufacturing process, with optional color proofing/matching, ensures short deadline even for small quantity and custom designs.

screenshot of IDIGO custom pipe labels design generation Software



Tags Usage

Assets & Valves Tagging, Valve Tags, Accident Prevention

Complement to our pipe markers, IDIGO tags allow quick identification of the valve, hazard or equipment.

Tags Design

Our tags can be customized to include specific information such as tag ID/no, “Normally Open / Normally Close”., QR-Code etc.


IDIGO Tags Series Specifications

ID-T230 Overprinted
Acrylic Tags

Overprinted Acrylic Tags

Custom shape and size, single or double-sided, unlimited colours and artwork. Recommended when wide range of color and texts is required. These tags come in 4 standards shapes: round, square, lozenge and triangle, and in dimensions ranging from 30mm to 75mm (3mm) *.

Overprinted Acrylic Tags

ID-T400 Laser
Engraved ABS Tags

Laser Engraved ABS Tags

Custom shape and size, single sided. Legends engraved on laserable dual colour ABS plastic, with the following colour combinations: For medium term outdoor usage. Maximum Engraveable area: 800mm x 600mm. Minimum engraved details: 150 microns.

Laser Engraved ABS Tags

ID-T850 Stainless
Steel Tags

Stainless Steel Tags

Black marked legends on SS304/SS316. Available in various sizes.
When maximum durability is required.

IDIGO Tags: Dimensions & Shapes

Each design includes by default one hole for installation using your choice of nylon ties, stainless steel “S” hooks or beaded chain.
Each tags include up to three lines of text and/or your own custom artwork (logo, symbols etc.)

Accident Prevention Tags

ID-A100 Polypropylene
Accident Prevention Tags

For provisional use, economical, versatile usage*

ID-A550 Polyester
Accident Prevention Tags

For harsh outdoor environments, long-lasting, hightly visible, versatile usage*

Safety Signs, Stickers & Labels



Available as indoor labels, self-adhesive outdoor stickers and rigid signs they are perfect to indicate dangerous and/or restricted area, entry conditions, machinery risks, etc.

We also provide photoluminescent evacuation signs and routes etc. and reflective signs for traffic/private roads use.

Design can be chosen from our extended range of signs or customized according to customer provided artwork, either in vector form or as high-resolution pictures.

Safety Signs, Series & Materials

ID-S230 Indoor &
Outdoor Medium Term Use

Made with original Plexiglass from Germany with self-extinguishing reverse-mounted vinyl printed artwork.
For best appearance.

ID-S650 Outdoor
Long Term Use

Aluminium Alloy 5052 plate with high performance low halogen overlaminated polyester printed artwork
For durability and affordable price.

Material Thickness Mount Usage
Aluminium 2mm Front outdoor permanent use
Twin-wall PC 5mm Front medium term wide sign outdoor
Acrylic 3mm Reverse Better appearance, both indoor and outdoor but subject to thermal expansion.

Safety Signs



Safety signs come with a maximum size of 4’ x 8’.

Design according to customer provided artwork, either in vector form or as high-resolution pictures.

Industrial Large
Format Safety Labels

IDIGO large format safety labels leverage on our pipe markers series materials and printing process. Design according to customer provided artwork, either in vector form or as high-resolution pictures.

Industrial Large Format Safety Labels

Reflective Signs

Where visibility by night is required or mandatory. Available in Engineering or "Diamond" grade retro reflective sheeting.

IMO Photo-luminescent signs
“Glow in the Dark” Option

When signs are required to be easily seen under emergency lighting conditions. Compliant with ASME E2072, DIN 67510 and IMO Resolution A.752(18).

Luminescent “Glow in the Dark” Option

In-House Services

Installation Services

Installation Services

Should you require installation, our Pipe Marking Specialist will be pleased to conduct on-site assessment, define with you exact scope of work to quote and schedule installation of our products at your facilities.

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

While we have a range of “standard” markers and valve tags for each supported standard, most of our customers opt for custom design, at no extra costs. This allows them to add identification information and fit to their specific project requirements [languages, line ID, etc.]. For such custom design, our proprietary marker generator software allows us to quickly submit artwork for approval before proceeding with manufacturing. on request, we will rush actual samples for your final assessment.

Project Packaging

Project Packaging

IDIGO markers come as individual pieces, already cut to your pipe dimensions, while valve tags come with chosen attachments, thus simplifying installation.
IDIGO marking products are packed according to your instructions [by part number, system, installation location, etc.], and are grouped in cartons with detailed labels of their content.
Provided at no extra costs, this service save you time and enable efficient warehousing, thus reducing your total costs.

Color Compliance / Color Matching

Color Compliance / Color Matching

Our regular colors are compliant with standards requirements and we support the most common RAL and British Standard colors. Alternatively, we provide in-house service to match provided color samples or RAL/BS Pantone code using industrial spectrophotometer.

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