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We offer a range of services complementing our marking products for our customers facilities in South-East Asia region.

Peekee™ Pipe Marking Digital Twin Solution

Peekee™ Role & Benefits

Introducing PEEKEE™, our unique 3D Model Pipe Marking Digital Twin.

PEEKEE™ allows speeds up work flow with clarity at every phase (Engineering, Procurement, Receiving and Installation) in the project.

Using PEEKEE™, we will, in real-time, update your 3D models:

  1. Mark pipes and valve tags, i.e. accurately position every single marker and its orientation,
  2. Refine pipe marker content (labels, colors, QR-codes etc.), with line Number, fluid code, pipe diameter, insulation, etc. extracted from the model,and show them in realtime in your 3D model for review, adjustments and approval,
  3. Define zones to facilitate packing and installation,
  4. Export detailed MTO for accurate planning and budgeting,
  5. Generate Atwork overview and Production-ready files for production,
  6. Generate Installation Profiles (User, X-Axis, Y-Axis, Z-axis) to facilite installation.

PEEKEE™ uses data from source 3D model and extracts the information to be displayed visually. This eliminates human error (double counting, wrong sizes and inaccurate line number etc).

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