IMO signs with ISO 7010 graphic symbols

IDIGO IMO/ISO 7010 Safety Signs Symbols, Shapes, Colors, Additional Texts, Standard and Custom Layouts

The most commonly used standard for Safety Signs is ISO 7010, which standardize a set of graphics to be used for safety and evacuation signs. See link to official standard in the footnotes at the end of this section.

IMO Resolution A.116(30) in its recent version simply defer to ISO 7010 the Safety Signs requirements.

ISO 7010 & IMO Resolution A.116(30) Escape route Signs and Equipment Location Markings


A Safety Sign is defined as, according to this resolution: "Sign giving a general safety message, obtained by a combination of a colour and geometric shape and which, by the addition of a graphical symbol, gives a particular safety message."

Signs Categories

Signs are classified based on on their function as follows, with sign shape and color guidelines:

IMO Resolution A.116 Signs Categories
Shape / Color
Code Meaning Usage Description
IMO Escape/Emergency/Life-saving template (rectangle, green)
MES Means of Escape Signs Escape route identification.
EES Emergency Equipment Signs Use and location of first aid facilities and portable safety equipment.
LSS Life-saving Systems Signs Use and location of life-saving systems and appliances.
IMO Fire-fighting sign template (rectangle, red)
FES Fire-fighting Equipment Signs Use and location of fire-fighting systems and appliances.
IMO Warning sign template (triangle, blakc & yellow)
WSS Hazard Warning Safety Signs Identify Hazards to avoid.
IMO Mandatory sign template (circle, blue)
MSS Mandatory Safety Signs Mandatory Notices and Instructions.

Individual Sign Definition

A specific sign is defined by its code, description and graphic representation that is used in the sign itself.

Note: where needed, the graphical representation can be complemented by a text + colors expliciting a variant of it. In some projects these "extended signs instead (or in addition) of the text/color use a slightly, tolerated but non-standard, modified graphic representation.

Find below examples of these 3 types of representation.

ISO 7010 / IMO Resolution A.116 Sign Definition Examples
codebuilt using its category + an index name/description graphic symboldefined in details in ISO 7010 with a specific, different code
MES001standard Shipboard Assembly Station IMO sign example: MES001ISO 7010: E032
FES006, Waterwith text/color Wheeled fire extinguisher
IMO sign with complementary area example: FES006(W)ISO 7010: FES006(W) with complementary area
FES006, Watercustom Wheeled fire extinguisher
IMO sign custom design example: F009ISO 7010: FES006(W) custom
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