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Marine & Offshore environments have very stringent and specific requirements.

Installations there operate in mostly hostile environments, constantly exposed to sea water and storms while processing flammable fluid and gases; are often isolated far away from land and infrastructure; and their personnel, often of multi-national origins, is exposed to such.

In addition, space is highly constrained, leading to confined areas and pipe networks optimized to the max to optimize space occupation. Whether it’s a jack-up rig, a F.P.S.O. or a F.L.N.G, these offshore and marine installations typically have kilometers of pipes and hundreds of valves carrying dozens of different fluids!

In these conditions, ensuring operations safety & emergency situations handling are critical, thus key safety pillars are key equipments & fluids identification and evacuation procedures.

This are standardized by international and/or national organizations, whose resolutions and standards we introduce below with, for each, the matching products we offer.

Standards & Regulations Overview

Escape route signs and Equipment location markings

The International Maritime Organization (IMO in short) is the central organisation that regulates and defines best practices for the Marine industry as whole by maintaining treaties and issuing resolutions, that are themselves complemented by / refer to various standards International Standards such as ISO 7010,ISO 14726, etc.

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS, is IMO main treaty, and is generally regarded as the most important of all international treaties concerning the safety of merchant ships.

One of IMO/SOLAS key resolutions is Resolution A.116(30) which provide guidelines for escape route low location lighting, photoluminescent signs and equipment location markings.

This resolution in turn refer to various ISO standards, most important being ISO 7010, which standardize a set of graphics to be used for safety and evacuation signs, itself referencing multiple ISO standards for things like colors definition, etc.

Please consult our page dedicated to ISO 7010 which also covers Resolution A.116(30).

In complement, we also provide in footnotes at the end of this section direct links to these conventions and standards.

IDIGO Photoluminescent Safety Signs and Low Location Lighting Strips are fully compliant with these IMO/SOLAS requirements.

Pipe Marking

Pipe Markers are needed to be able to identify their fluid content and class (flammable, etc.).

The most commonly used standard for such marking in Marine & Offshore is ISO 14726:, Ships and marine technology — Identification colours for the content of piping systems.

IDIGO pipe marking tapes are fully compliant with ISO 14726:2008 and are available in various materials and mounting mode for pipe of any diameter.

Please consult our page dedicated to ISO 14726:2008.

If your project need other standard compliance, we also support:

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