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Marine & Offshore

Marine & Offshore, Oil Rig image

Marine & Offshore environments have very stringent and specific requirements.

Installations there operate in mostly hostile environments, constantly exposed to sea water and storms while processing flammable fluid and gases; are often isolated far away from land and infrastructure; and their personnel, often of multi-national origins, is exposed to such.

In addition, space is highly constrained, leading to confined areas and pipe networks optimized to the max to optimize space occupation. Whether it’s a jack-up rig, a F.P.S.O. or a F.L.N.G, these offshore and marine installations typically have kilometers of pipes and hundreds of valves carrying dozens of different fluids!

In these conditions, ensuring operations safety & emergency situations handling are critical, thus key safety pillars are key equipments & fluids identification and evacuation procedures, which are typically standardized by international organizations, as detailed below.

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Petrochemical – Oil & Gas

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With the increased complexity of petrochemical plants, correct pipe labelling of their maze of pipes and tagging of their valves has become an important part of new and retrofitted installations, their maintenance and in keeping up with regulations.

Pipe marking tapes need to be compliant with ANSI / ASME 13.1 and or GHS standards, equipments and valve tags must be labelled, emergency equipments and evacuation paths highlighted in case of critical situations.

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical flasks image

Most countries have adopted GHS as part of their standard framework for labelling of storage and transport of hazardous substances.
IDIGO pipe stickers, container and storage safety labels support the full set of GHS Rev 5 specifications for transport and storage.

GHS labels and pipe markers design specifications are based on a combination of pictograms, colours, signal words and rules on how to apply and combine these. With the advent of mixtures and requirements to support these, each situation and its related set of markers has become very specific and close to unique.

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Industrial Facilities

Factories, Mining, Water Treatment Plants, Logistics & Warehousing
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Risks at these facilities can be drastically reduced with a systemic approach that include high-visibility labelling of risks, indication of safe and dangerous areas, evacuation paths etc..

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